Mixed Doubles

All Matches must be played
on or preferably BEFORE
the date shown

R Date Home Away
4 21/01/18 Tony MacDonald and Stephanie Cliff
(White Lion)
Vs Graham Smith & Nooh Chadamont Pritchard
(Plough Travellers)
4 21/01/18 lee venables & rhian halfpenny
(Plough Travellers)
Vs Aaron Crofts and Carol Crofts
(Overton All Stars)
4 21/01/18 Paul Harvey and Diane Foulks
Vs Peter Hughes and Carol Hughes
(Overton All Stars)
4 21/01/18 Kev Clorley and Tracey Whibberley
Vs Lloyd Baker and Alison Baker
(Overton All Stars)